Interior Perfection

It may not be much of a revelation that these ingredients make for the perfect interior design, but I thought writing up a formula would be a nice visualisation and rather handy tool. So here goes:
interior perfection = black + white + N 
where naturals, N ∈ X
and X = {grey of stones and concrete, brown of wood and leather, green of plants} 
And to help you remember, below you will find some real-life examples
9ac3c5726405164223fbf65eff72f9f3 studded-hearts-space-decor-inspiration-9 studded-hearts-space-decor-inspiration-17 one-pic 601aa6053702e5b4b175da150579a9c5 d3c00409b1af73f07e4e7bd6503d4f62 thin-k_longo_compas_emmas_designblogg_51b883799606ee6cba8fa370 efb70f1a873cb451445f39920da5d58c b8a589017ee7be5307fff3e855fda327 studded-hearts-space-decor-inspiration-16 pb_ahlens_magasin_0463_523b6bc1e087c32bd98087e5 2012-10-10_0715_kopia_5135d04c9606ee3cc929d9c4 d8824a2193aca704d100a5602bd765fe e4c315d80f231ea429460b6dab15e74e c7be949f2d92bb021b02ed898063bc39 25235a1dc1215ffc3cdbffe5b1f63e64 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bertrand_benoit_baron_haussmann_french_apartment_51968fa2ddf2b33538443d83
Images via Studded Hearts, pinterest, tumblr

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